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Flicka III vom Jagdkönig

Current Litters

What we love about Flicka: 

  • She's a super calm, super sweet girl. We would trust her with any person or dog, and she has a great off switch while still running and hunting hard. 

  • She's a very natural pointing dog who went easily to the water and has plenty of game drive.

  • VJP 71; HZP 185; F/H 10/10; Height 59, Length 60; HD-Frei A, ED, OCD Free

What we love about Groll III (Max)

  • Groll III (Max) is a dog we've wanted to have a litter from since he was certified to be bred. He is a very nicely built, typical male Drahthaar who is athletic, structurally sound, and conforms well to the standard. Additionally, he hunts a variety of game (waterfowl, pheasants, other upland birds) with his owner, Paul, in Minnesota. Max also lives and hunts with Paul's three sons who have grown up with Max, which brings me to one of our favorite things about Max. He has a stellar temperament and grew up in the house with another dog and three young boys. Max is Paul's first Drahthaar and was easy to train and handle through the VJP and HZP, which is also something we like to see. Max is a true gentleman of Drahthaars: drive and passion in the field, and respect and gentility in the house. 

  • VJP 71; HZP 182; F/H 10/10; Height 67, Length 67; HD-Frei A, ED, OCD Free

U III- Flicka III vom Jagdkönig x Groll III vom Jagdkönig
Puppies Expected Mid February 2023
Flicka III vom Jagdkönig
Flicka III vom Jagdkönig
Flicka III vom Jagdkönig
Groll III picture
Groll Duck Hunting
Groll in Carseat

Groll III Ahnentafel

Flicka III Ahnentafel

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