Flicka III vom Jagdkönig

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What we love about Flicka: 

  • She's a super calm, super sweet girl. We would trust her with any person or dog, and she has a great off switch while still running and hunting hard. 

  • She's a very natural pointing dog who went easily to the water and has plenty of game drive.

  • VJP 71; HZP 185; F/H 10/10; Height 59, Length 60; HD-Frei A, ED, OCD Free

What we love about Harras III (from his owner, David Andersen): 

  • Here's some of what I can tell you about Harras.  He's got a lot of talent, and a really good mix of drive and cooperation.  He has been highly trainable, doesn't require much pressure for correction, and responds to positive reinforcement. He's also one of the best "bird finders" I've had (I'm on DD no. 6).  I've hunted him on ruffed grouse, woodcock, Huns, pheasants, bobwhites, scaled quail, sharp-tailed grouse, and prairie-chickens (I might be forgetting some, but I think that's most of them for Harras), and he's retrieved a few ducks and geese,
    although I really don't hunt waterfowl much these days.  He put together the best duck search at the Armbruster of any dog I've trained. He's a strong retriever, and will pick up almost anything and retrieve it.  After what I thought was a relatively slow start (although he was only 12 months at his VJP), he's become a very solid pointer, and naturally backs.  In contrast, he was a very strong tracker from the very beginning, and early on, that was clearly his strength.

  • He's in the house with us when we are home (along with Volker), and has a lot of character.  He likes to be the center of attention, and his go-to when he wants you to pay attention to him is picking up whatever he can and parading around the house.  He's very efficient at picking up dish towels, and his record, I think, is 6 in his mouth at one time.  If it's possible for a DD to have a sense of humor, I would say that Harras has a good one, and thinks that he is pretty funny.

  • He's easy to get along with, and both my spouse and daughter like having him around.  He's even-keeled most of the time, but when he anticipates going for a walk or getting out of the truck to hunt, for example, he's
    eager and ready to go full out.  I've had to work with him to get him to calm down in those circumstances so that I can put a collar on him, let him out the gate, let him out of his run, etc.  He hunts well with other dogs, although I generally hunt my two dogs one at a time, at least
    early in the day, and then maybe hunt them together the last time out. 

  • I mostly hunt upland birds (at least with my dogs) and I've hunted Harras in the Upper Midwest, southern Canada, the Dakotas, Nebraska and Kansas, and as a pretty young dog, in New Mexico for quail. He's my 6th
    DD, the highest scoring HZP dog I've trained (188), and as you know, placed 5th at the Armbruster.  He's probably got the best combination of skill and cooperation of any DD I've trained. He's got as much talent as Volker, and is a bit more willing to cooperate.  He was relatively easy
    to train, once I realized how he responded to pressure and positive reinforcement.

  • VJP 68; HZP 188; F/H 11/9; Height 66, Length 66; HD-Frei A, ED, OCD Free

T III- Flicka III vom Jagdkönig x Harras III vom Jagdkönig
Puppies Whelped July 10, 2022
Flicka III vom Jagdkönig
Flicka III vom Jagdkönig
Flicka III vom Jagdkönig
Harras III vom Jagdkonig

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