N III Expected March 8th, 2020

Roxane II vom Jagdkönig x Jaeger vom Dilmunfast

What we love about Roxane: ​

  • Roxane is a great example of a high quality versatile hunting dog. Genetically clean for those who might want to breed. Most importantly, for those of you who are looking for an easy to live with and easy to train puppy, she is a proven producer of high quality hunting pups with plenty of drive. She's a pleasure to hunt with and is great around people and other dogs. She has had four litters of pups, and everyone who owns the pups loves them. 

  • Her puppies are very uniform and predictable. Their owners are pleased with  their talent, temperament, form, and hair. 

  • VJP 67; HZP 183; VGP Prz I 303 pts; F/H 11/11; Height 59, Length 60; HD-Frei A, OCD Free, ED Free

What we love about Jaeger: 

  • We first met Jaeger at the 2019 Armbruster, where he earned 5th place with a 191 in his HZP, an 11 in form, and a 12, excellent, in coat. Jaeger is a very good hunting dog with great character and temperament. He's a well built male who has an outstanding coat. The versatile hunting (upland, waterfowl, blood tracking, and more) that his owner, Bobby, has done came naturally to Jaeger.

  • Every so often a son or grandson of a dog we know well comes along, and this is the case with Jaeger. He is out of Buck III vom Jagdkönig who is out of Nuschka II vom Jagdkonig and Rover II vom Jagdkönig,  both males I have trained through the VGP at HZP age.  Nuschka and her mother Comtesse  were two  VGP prize 1 females that were great hunting/family dogs for us. This is a litter  that should produce high quality birdabililty, naturally high quality water work, predictable friendly temperaments, talent, coat, and conformation. 

  •  Jaeger is a calm, friendly male who has a very nice temperament (you'll see a picture of him trick or treating with his family in the photos).

  • VJP 69, HZP 191, F/H 11/12, Height and Length 63 cm x 63 cm. Jaeger is FF for furnishings.

Roxane II vom Jagdkönig
Roxane II vom Jagdkönig
Jaeger vom Dilmunfast
Jaeger vom Dilmunfast
Jaeger vom Dilmunfast
Jaeger vom Dilmunfast
Roxane II Ahnentafel
Jaeger Ahnentafel

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